Chemical Metering Applications

Special metering pump applications

ChemIndustrial provides the following alternatives for special applications when a standard pumped venturi metering pump is not applicable:

  • Explosion-proof injectors are used with flammable injectates and in specialized process settings. Be sure to tell us early in the discussion if your process has XP requirements.
  • Engine-powered injectors: ChemIndustrial has a great deal of experience powering metering pump systems with internal combustion engines running on gasoline, diesel and propane.

    Most of our engine powered injectors are equipped with rugged, reliable Honda 4-stroke overhead valve gasoline engines. Pull start and electric start models are available with or without run timers. We even build engine driven metering systems with computer controls and automatic start-stop protocols.

    Call ChemIndustrial when you need metering pump systems for mobile use or where electric service is not available.
  • Mobile injector systems: ChemIndustrial provides self-contained trailer-mounted electric or engine powered injection systems for shared use among multiple sites. Trailer systems can be provided in off-road or highway configurations and often include mix tank(s).
  • Portable injectors: Most ChemIndustrial injectors can be equipped with heavy-duty wheels and handles for easy portability to multiple locations throughout a plant or site.
Mobile metering pump

Mobile metering pump system with on-board tanks and controls
[Full Size Image]


Portable metering pump

Portable multiflow metering system with run timers [Full Size Image]

Control panel

Compact computerized control system enables customized system actions to meet your requirements
[Full Size Image]

Control panel interior

Low component count for reliability
[Full Size Image]

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