Chemical Metering Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Metering pumps - frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q: What pumped venturi injector capacities are available in ChemIndustrial's product line?
A: Each injection line can be

Q: How many separate injection lines are available on a single metering pump?
A: Standard multiflow pumps are available for 1, 2, 3 or 4 injection streams.

Q: On multiflow pumps, do all of the streams need to inject the same fluid?
A: No. Each stream can either be the same or different from the others.

Q: On multiflow pumps, do all of the streams need to be the same capacity?
A: No. Capacities can be mixed and matched for maximum flexibility.

Q: What happens when a customer needs more than 4 injection streams?
A: Usually the answer is to divide the metering tasks among two or more pump units.

Q: What is the capacity range of ChemIndustrial's metering pump models?
A: Smallest: The smallest standard model is a single stream 0 to 15 gph injector. A: Largest: The largest standard model is a 0 to 1600 gph multiflow injector consisting of 4 streams each able to deliver 0 to 400 gph.

Specials are available to satisfy even higher capacity requirements.

Q: Wow! You must have hundreds of standard models.
A: Yes. Thousands actually. Many of the most popular models are in stock ready to ship. Other models are usually quickly assembled from in-stock subassemblies.

Q: What control options are available?

...and of course we can provide complete manual systems.

Q: What about chemical tanks?
A: ChemIndustrial offers a wide range of polyethylene storage tanks, holding tanks, surge tanks and day tanks to supply liquids to and receive the metered output from metering pump systems. We also offer mix tanks.

Q: What other metering pump goodies does ChemIndustrial offer?

Q: What are the differences between metering pump systems and blending/batching systems?
A: In general, the differences are...

Q: Are there any applications where pumped venturi injection is clearly the wrong choice?
A: Yes. There are several situations:

Q: I read all the way through these FAQs but you didn't answer my question. What should I do?
A: Please contact us with any questions not listed here.
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